Wednesday, November 30, 2011

It's On

I am a crappy blogger. This is my first post since July. I have turned 40 in the interum. Since turning 40 I have done almost nothing to get in shape. The price has been gaining about 15 pounds, loss of muscle tone and now my gout is flairing up. I've purchased Mark Sission's new book 21 Day Total Body Transformation.
I like how conciece it is. Here is why we do it, and here is how we are going to do it. The step by step journal in the back is nice to keep you motivated and interested. I am waiting for my gout to clear up before I start on the journal since it involves some exercizes that I can't do right now. I am sticking with the diet. I love it. It takes a bit of more work but it will get easier the longer I do it. I will post on how it goes. I will get a better handle on writing and blogging as I go.

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