Friday, July 22, 2011

No Excuses

I am a master of the excuse. Between excuses, self justification, and procrastination I have managed to derail any momentum I had built from my previous weight loss. I know what works for me and yet I still manage to do the opposite. Even when it makes me feel like crap later I still eat what I shouldn't. Even when I feel great after, I still don't exercise for weeks. The point I'm getting to is there are no good excuses. Yes life gets in the way. Time is in short supply sometimes. Money is a factor almost constantly. No excuses just speedbumps. Or maybe challenges would be an even better way to look at it. I think I will list some of my most common excuses and complaints and my response to each for my own future reference.

Plan ahead when possible
You don't have to eat every few hours
You can go to the store without getting a snack
You don't need just one more
Just because it is there doesn't mean you have to eat it
You will not start eating better tomorrow
Cake gives you a headache
Pizza gives you a stomach ache
You will not eat just one
Eggs are cheaper than nachos
It doesn't take very long to exercise right
Just do something
The dishes wont mind waiting twenty minutes
You probibly need a shower whether you exercise or not
Drag the kids with you
The dog needs a run anyway
The wife wants to spend time with you but she thinks sweat is sexy
You are sweeter to the wife and kids when you feel good about yourself
You don't "need" any new equipment to workout

That was good for me. I may revisit this again later.

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